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What is a Kubotan and how to use it?

Watching the news or reading the news papers for few minutes a day is enough to realize the increasing crime rate in different regions around the world. Our personal protection is our own responsibility after all and we cannot always rely on the police who might not be available at the place or on the time that we need them.

Kubotan is one of my favorite self defense weapons, because it is easy to carry, learn and use under stress. Let's see.

What is a kubotan?

kubotan stick It is named after the developer of kubotan, Takayuki Kubotan, and was meant for use mainly by the police officers. Its also known as kubaton, kobotan and kobutan.

A kubotan is a five to six inch long stick self defense weapon made of either steel, wood, strong plastic or other durable material. It is the modern version of the Yawara stick and very commonly used in martial arts and everyday law enforcement. It is very effective as a force amplifier and its use is only limited to your imagination, given its ease and simplicity. As it does not necessarily require you to be a martial student to understand how to use it, you can never go wrong hitting with a Kubotan.

What are the types of kubotan?

Kubotan1 kubotan2 kubotan3

Kubotans vary in form, there are the kubotan key chains, spikes ended kubotan, blunt ended standard kubotan and kubotan knives. Interestingly enough, there are kubotans that even carry ninja darts, pepper spray or carry mace in them. It is an effective aid to confrontation with its principal area of enforcing the attack when in self defense being: the flesh, bony areas and nerve targets like the groins, solar plexus, knuckles, eyes, nose bridge, spine, stomach, neck, forearms, temple, shins and ribs.

How to hold a Kubotan?

gripBefore understanding how to use it, it is important that you know how to hold it. Kubotan can be held in a forward grip; if planning to use it for stabbing or attacking pressure points, or in an ice grip, if planning to through hammer fist strikes. These are the basic applications of kubotan. These simple components are meant to enable you avoid getting frustrated and confused when struggling to remember particular strikes for particular targets. Simply remember to strike bony areas and stab or poke pressure points and nerve centers.


How to use a Kubotan?

Here is a demo of how the kubotan can be used in a self defense situation.

The strikes from kubotan are more effective at a close range; when the attacker is reaching out to push or grab you. A quick and snapping strike can be taken against the extending hand completely disabling it. The same punch can also be applied towards an in coming kick or punch. A small swerve away from the assailant attack may be needed then a quick, which does not necessarily need to be perfect, strike can be imposed on the attacker to disable him. The need for the blow not being perfect relies on the fact that the body nerves are close to the human body surface and especially in the bony regions; therefore, any glancing blow will inflict enough pain on the assailant.
The weapon rigidity enables you resist the assailant's efforts strongly. In case you are already grabbed on to by an attacker, you can release yourself by poking or pressing the kubotan against attackers exposed region. In circumstances whereby you find yourself bear hugged, head locked or chocked, though your movements might be restricted, jamming the kubotans tip to whatever area you can reach in the assailants anatomy would still work.
The other method of releasing yourself from an attack is by snagging the attackers limbs ones they advance an attack on you. To be able to do this, you will have to hold the kubotan with some inches of it protruding, then hook it on the assailant's part of the body and follow it with a strike.

In case you are pinned from behind, you may consider holding it like an ice-pick and stabbing it backwards into the attackers flesh.
The other simple method of defending your self using the kubotan, apart from poking and striking, is by either holding onto the keys and swinging the kubotan or holding on to the kubotan and driving the keys into the assailant's face. When using kubotan, in self defense, it's believed that you cannot make wrong movements, and because of its many ways to use it, there really is no correct way of holding it. Different strikes would require different ways of holding it which all depend on your preference and situation you find yourself in. Identify the most desirable targets which are always the collarbone, shin, kneecap, hip borne and ankle and strike.I will tell you 'it's one of the best and legally approve tools of self defense.


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