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MUNIO Designer Self Defense Keychain for Women

Meet the Muino Key chain

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The MUNIO Designer Self Defense Kubotan Keychain is a stylish practical design of self defense kubotan, and can empower you to fight off an attacker so you can escape safely.

The MUNIO Self Defense Keychain was created by a self defense expert who integrated safety and style for everyday use and concealment purposes. It is easy to use, effective and gives you a legal, non-lethal self defense tool that you can carry around with you.

It's used like any other kubotan keychain or self defense keychain, you can strike with the point against pressure points or soft tissue and/or whip with the keys. It is small, compact and lightweight, and is made of a very sturdy and strong material.

MUNIO's body fits very comfortably in your hand and is usable immediately against and attacker but more importantly, MUNIO is travel friendly and can be taken onto an airplane!

It's also personally safe to use as it has no risk of injuring one's self or loved ones in as a normal stylish key chain. You can choose from 16 stunning designs that have scratch and wear resistant artwork printed on both sides.



  1. Can be easily used as a force maximizer against an attacker.
  2. Stylish, concealable keychain that comes in 16 different colors/patterns to choose from.
  3. Light weight and durable material.
  4. Travel friendly and can be taken on a plane.
  5. Safe and easily accessible.
  6. Nice and cheap gift for your beloved family members.


  1. Just like any tool, requires training to use effectively against an attacker.
  2. It's only useful in very close range combat situations.

The following video is showing how strong the MUNIO can hit:

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cZMGS3rnCU[/embedyt]

How MUNIO can be used?

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HtPHeRhJ2y4[/embedyt]

....STAY SAFE....