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Kubotan training

Your ability to use the Kubotan is only as effective as your kubotan training regime. The pocket stick is simple and extremely effective but it requires considerable training to build the right skills.

In the simplest form you can strike with the kubotan or use it for fist loading to improve your punching power, but it offers much more than that.

In this post we will be compiling a list of resource to aid you in your kubotan training without or without a partner. Let's begin.

Realistic Kubotan training:

When it comes to self defense preparation, it is important to have as realistic training as possible. Having that said the best training will be with a human partner to provide you with the most realistic training conditions. The live partner will be moving, reacting, he will vary his attacks and defenses allowing you to build up the required skills for the real game. In training with a live partner we can't emphasis enough how important is the safety precautions for both of you.

However, we know that a partner is not always available for such a realistic training. In such case the second best option will be our dear friend BOB (body oponent bag). BOB resembles the human body anatomy which will help in developing the accuracy against different striking targets. BOB will also enable you to practice your flows from one strike to another as quickly as possible.

Also check our simple kubotan training at home plan.

Kubotan training manual:

There are few manuals which are really good and effective. Some of them are already quite old like the official kubotan techniques manual. The most modern manual we have came across is Kubotan power by Sammy franco. It is probably most modern comprehensive manual on the subject.

The book provides great information on Kubotans in general, how to buy and conceal your weapon. The book also provides good advice on practicing drills. The book also provides a variety of basic techniques. After all we think it's good book to have for the self defense savvy but when it comes to learning techniques a DVD comes very handy.

Kubotan training DVD:

We think that DVDs comes second when it comes to learning techniques after instructor based classes. The main benefit of having a DVD is the ability to see and repeat any technique as much as needed with different speeds. They are also a great way to expand your knowledge and techniques about the subject.

Mostly there is a companion DVD for every available manual, one is the official kubotan techniques DVD and others that we will talk about in other posts, but again in our estimation Kubotan Self Defense DVD for Sammy franco comes first. In this DVD, Sammy offers a no non-sense instructions, that we think it's all that you need to start using this weapon for self defense immediately.

Kubotan training videos:

There are tons of Kubotan training videos on youtube. Most of them are just for demonstration purposes and don't offer a complete system or instructions as DVDs do. But there are still some videos that are worth watching as they offer very good basic instructions on different techniques.

On this site we have been embedding many videos in most of our posts. We will also be compiling a complete play list in our media library. Here are some good ones, and as always keep training and STAY SAFE.

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7r_6vHvZXcI[/embedyt]

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3F5P1eFyki8[/embedyt]