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Best Tactical Pens for self defense and How to Use Yours

The tactical pen also known as a combat pen is an easily concealed self defense weapon or survival tool cause after all it's just a pen that is used for writing in every day life. However due to it's design features and solid body the tactical pen can be used as a kubotan in close combat to maximize force against a stronger attacker and it also be used in a survival situation such as to break a car window glass or so.

A tactical pen is typically made of high grade steel or titanium to ensure a hard strike and is equipped with a sharp pointing edge. The tactical pens were created for people who can't use a gun or a knife for self-defense and still wish to have some useful thing that can potentially become a weapon. Similar to tactical pens there are also tactical flashlights that can also be used in similar situations but not as small and light as a kubotan pen.

In self defense a tactical pen can be used in a similar way a kubotan is used attacking soft tissue in an attackers body to stop the attack.

When it comes to choosing the best tactical pen for EDC there are multiple options available in the market in different prices ranges and different feature set. The  list below contains some of the bestseller tactical pen weapons that are well priced. But before that, let's have a look at how a tactical pen can be used in a combat situation to defend yourself against  a street attacker.

How to use a tactical pen?

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Best EDC tactical Pen

The Atomic Bear Tactical Pen


This elegant pen is made for double-duty. Use it daily as an extra safety layer for emergency. Premium design and high quality material.

Carrying pouch

The exclusive one-action-grip pouch attaches to belts up to 3 inches wide. It quickly opens with a Velcro flap. Open the pouch and grasp the pen in one movement. It is made of 300D nylon fabric and resistant stitches.

Smashing End

The impact end of the pen can break glass, ceramic and metal. We used an extreme hardness superalloy called tungsten carbide.

Solid Grip

The S.W.A.T. pen allows a thumb grip - the only way to fully transfer your power to the target.

Smart Cap

Don't waste your time to screw the cap on and off for writing. With this survival pen you simply clip the cap on either side. The cap belt/pocket clip is remarkably useful.

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Sminiker Professional Defender Tactical Pen

Designed with crown head, it is so charming that it can easily draw your attention. Ergonomic design with clip makes it easy to hang onto your clothes or bag. Except that, this is a perfect tool for self-defense. The pen tip can be used to hit criminal effectively and cause temporary hurt. Anti-shock design protects your fingers from shock. What is more, it can also be used to break the glass if the bus or house gets fire. As a pen, it is durable in use and fluent to write. Convenient to carry, it is really a good choice for you.


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Practical Survival Pen

This is a great every day carry tool for every situation. Multipurpose Ballpoint pen for Wide Application - Multifunctional self defense ballpoint pen features Tungsten Carbide Tip Glass Breaker/ Nichia LED Flashlight/ Heaven Writing Ballpoint Pen/ Hex Wrench, Bottle Opener. 2cl direct Self Defense Ballpoint Pen kit is a clever survival multifunctional pen to own and a pleasure to receive.

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Practical Tactical Pen for Self Defense



The Practical Tactical Pen (PTP) is not just "tacti-cool". This is an ideal combination of tough precision-machined self-defense tool and pen that feels sleek and looks elegant.

-Both pointed and rounded ends can be used effectively in a self-defense situation.

-A hole at the top allows it to be attached to a key ring, carabiner, paracord, pack, or purse.

-The pen has a great writing grip and is found under the quick-unscrew rounded cap which pushes onto the pointed end while writing.

Made of aerospace grade aluminum - extremely lightweight yet super strong, it's ideal for EDC in your pocket, purse, bug-out-bag, backpack or glove compartment - a tough, good-looking tool you can depend on, anywhere, anytime.


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KEPEAK Military Tactical Pen


This tactical pen is a practical outdoor emergency tool and a great gift for outdoor sportsmen.

The tactical pen is made of aerospace grade aluminum. The cap is made of tungsten steel and is suitable for crushing glass in various emergency situations, including glass doors, automotive glass, bus glass, and subway glass waiting.


Smith & Wesson SWPENMP2BK 5.8in Aircraft Aluminum

Smith and Wesson focuses on creating knives that are ready for all situations. Whether you are a knife collector, survivalist or a first responder, The Smith & Wesson pen is one of the best players on the tactical pens’ market. It is only 6.1 inches long and it is very light weighted, 1.4 ounces. The metal used is T6061 aircraft aluminum. The cap may click open and closed. The Parker and Hauser ink inside the cartridge will help you write smoothly.

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Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen

The Impromptu Tactical Pen combines Gerber’s decades of experience crafting tools with valuable input from police officers to offer a utilitarian tool that could quite literally be your ticket to safety. During interviews, officers agreed that the most important tool you can carry is the item that happens to be in your hand, which more often than not turns out to be a pen. So Gerber designed a pen that can write in all conditions and is rugged enough to handle the unexpected.

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UZI Tactical Pen UZI-TACPEN2-GM Self Defense Survival Gear

The UZI-TACPEN2-GM Defender Tactical Pen is made of aircraft grade aluminum and features an ultra durable carbide tip glass breaker for emergency situations. If you're trapped or if you need to get someone out of a vehicle, use the end of the pen as a glass breaker to easily escape.

The pen can also be used to write with and is compatible with standard pen refills. Use the pocket clip to keep the tactical pen by your side at all times. Tried and tested, UZI Tactical Pens are both stylish and able to withstand any conditions.

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