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MUNIO Designer Self Defense Keychain for Women

Meet the Muino Key chain

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The MUNIO Designer Self Defense Kubotan Keychain is a stylish practical design of self defense kubotan, and can empower you to fight off an attacker so you can escape safely.
The MUNIO Self Defense Keychain was created by a self defense expert who integrated safety and style for everyday use and concealment purposes. It is easy to use, effective and gives you a legal, non-lethal self defense tool that you can carry around with you.

It’s used like any other kubotan keychain or self defense keychain, you can strike with the point against pressure points or soft tissue and/or whip with the keys. It is small, compact and lightweight, and is made of a very sturdy and strong material.

MUNIO’s body fits very comfortably in your hand and is usable immediately against and attacker but more importantly, MUNIO is travel friendly and can be taken onto an airplane!

It’s also personally safe to use as it has no risk of injuring one’s self or loved ones in as a normal stylish key chain. You can choose from 16 stunning designs that have scratch and wear resistant artwork printed on both sides.



  1. Can be easily used as a force maximizer against an attacker.
  2. Stylish, concealable keychain that comes in 16 different colors/patterns to choose from.
  3. Light weight and durable material.
  4. Travel friendly and can be taken on a plane.
  5. Safe and easily accessible.
  6. Nice and cheap gift for your beloved family members.


  1. Just like any tool, requires training to use effectively against an attacker.
  2. It’s only useful in very close range combat situations.

The following video is showing how strong the MUNIO can hit:

How MUNIO can be used?


Tactical flashlights and How to Use One

A tactical flash light is a tool that was originally created and used by military and law enforcement people in the field. They are mainly used to identify an attack in low light situations and is also used to illuminate targets for shooting. Nowadays in addition to these uses tactical flashlights can also be used in many ways for personal self defense. In addition for their use to increase your surroundings awareness specially at night, they can also be used as an impact weapon just like the kubotan.

In the below video Michael Janich is touching on the different uses of the tactical flashlight in different self defense situations.

How to use a tactical flashlight?

In the following video, Michael Janich and Mike Seeklander are discussing different practical tips of using the flash light in the field with or without a gun.

Best Sellers Tactical flashlights

GearLight LED Tactical Flashlight S1000


This powerful and practical, general purpose flashlight is the perfect gift for a father, husband, wife, scout, or college student for any occasion.

The tough, military-grade aluminum body makes it suitable for extreme conditions indoors or outdoors. You can count on it during storms, floods, power outages, earthquakes, and natural disasters.

Portable and small, this torch is convenient to pack in your bag, glove compartment, camping gear or survival kit. The flash and SOS functions are life savers when doing roadside repairs or signaling for help. Highly reliable and easy to use, it is the perfect flashlight to have while fishing, hiking, hunting, exploring, or even taking the kids out trick-or-treating.


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PowerTac M5 Tactical Flashlight, 1300 Lumens LED Flashlight

This flashlight is equipped with Powerful CREE XM-L2 U3 LED produces 1300 Lumens at the brightest setting. Made of High quality aluminum, reliable and durable. And the Flashlight lens is made of tempered glass, resist breaking and scratching on impact.It has 6 Different Modes: High/ Medium / Low / Strobe / firefly / Turbo. IPX8 WATERPROOF: Waterproof to IPX8 standard, Submersible up to 2 meters under water.The M5 LED tactical Flashlight is Suitable for tactical self defense, hunting, cycling, climbing, camping and outdoor activity, etc.

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PeakPlus Tactical Flashlight with Rechargeable Battery & Charger LFX1000

Brightest, High Power, Handheld Tactical LED Flashlight – Value-for-money, heavy duty Ultra Bright Flashlight with high intensity brightness and range. It is one of the best flashlight tools for outdoor activities, emergency, camping, hiking, fishing, home and car breakdowns.


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Streamlight 88062 ProTac 2L-X 500 lm Professional Tactical Flashlight

This 500 lumen ProTac 2L-X is an EDC light. The ProTac 2L-X USB is a complete rechargeable system that includes Streamlight’s 18650 USB battery with an integrated USB charge port.

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Keenstone Tactical Pocket Knife Tactical Flashlight Set


Let the premium Morpilot tactical flashlight & kinfe combo go with you!

The flashlight has a 5 lighting modes to meet your different needs,Intermittent signals and SOS with an emergency signal may be the real heroes in any kind of distress.The knife handle has a seat belt cutter and a glass breaker,which can be used to punch out the window of a car in an emergency situation making this a true rescue knife.


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GearLight High-Powered LED Flashlight S2000 – Brightest High Lumen Light


This is a powerful and practical, mid-size general purpose flashlight.The tough, high-strength aluminum body makes it suitable for extreme conditions both indoors and outdoors. You can count on it during storms, floods, power outages, earthquakes, and any other natural disaster.

The flash and SOS functions are life savers when signaling for help. Highly reliable and easy to use.



Tactical Tools Daily Deals

How to make a kubotan?

One of the great advantages of the kubotan is that it’s nothing more than a simple rod, having the same shape of the marker pen. Kubatons have been made of wood or metal or even polymer. Most of the commercial kubotans are metal or plastic ones.  However there is a big room for improvisation here.

A lot of people have been creative enough to make their own kubotans from different materials and in different forms. If you are one of those DIY enthusiasts, we are sharing below some example for how you can make your own kabotan with very simple materials and for very low cost.

We will be updating this list when something pops up.

# DIY, the poor man’s sharpie pen kubotan:

#A step by step instructions on how to make your kubaton keychain, in the link below.


In the following video you can learn how to make a self defense keychain with a simple screw and paracord

# Screw and Paracord SDK

There are some other videos and information online, give it a go and share your project with us when finished.


Best Kubaton: How to choose yours?

Kubotan is a small self defense weapon that usually comes in the form of a keychain. Some people feel tempted to choose one that looks just nice or that they feel most aggressive based on only the shape.

The main idea is that kubotan is a self defense weapon before all and there must be some considerations for its features if you want to pick one that doesn’t fail you in a real life attack.

So, for a kubotan keychain to be effective for self defense, we think it needs to have the following characteristics:

Material and Length considerations:

Kubotan is used for striking and other compliance techniques and in order for it to be effective in such situations, it needs to have some weight and it needs to be solid enough, so it doesn’t break under the pressure.

The weight is important for striking strength and power. This is even more important for fist loading techniques. But the weight becomes an issue as the keychain needs to be carried on a daily basis. So, you just need to find the balance here, by choosing something that is heavy enough to aid you in the striking techniques without causing you much discomfort as you carry it around. In other words, you can prioritize according to your own situation.

The second requirement is length. Make sure your kubotan has a minimum length of 5.5 inches. Actually most of the kubotans available in the market will comply with this requirement as they follow the official design. As a rule of thumb, when you close your fist around your kubotan from the middle, there need to be around an inch showing up from each site.

Another consideration in terms of design, is that the kubotan needs to be non-slippery. It needs to be grooved to improve your grip over the weapon so you don’t lose it when you hands get sweat.

Kubotan-length check

Concealment Consideration:

The kubotan will be an everyday carry, for that it’s important that it provides some factors that supports this regard.

One of these is to be easily concealed, for a kubotan to be highly concealable, it’s better that it has a keyring attached to it. This will convert it into a normal everyday keychain and make it look non-threatening for other people and this will justify that you carry it with you everywhere without getting into legal troubles in most of the cases.

Another factor to consider, is the color of the kubotan. The less shiny and reflective your kubotan is the better for concealment purposes. The bright and shiny colors can easily bring attention to your kubotan, which is something we want to avoid for our purpose.

Lastly, you pockFlat ended, black Kubotanet stick needs to look non-threatening or non-dangerous by all means. The power of the kubotan lies in the simplicity of the techniques and the skill behind delivering those techniques. It’s not really how dangerous or aggressive your weapon is.

Flat Ended design:

Kubotan is an impact weapon before all, it’s used for striking, restriction and compliance. It’s not meant to be used lethally for slashing or puncturing in the first place. The main targets of the kubotan is boney targets, soft tissues and nerve pressure points. So, the design of the kubotan needs to support its main function and techniques. For that we advise against using a kubotan with a pointed tip. The original techniques of the kubotan were designed for a flat end


Kubatons for Sale:

Check out Amazon’s best sellers


Plastic Kubotans: are they good?

plastic kubatonPlastic kubotans or kubatons are just another form of the keychain that are usually made of polymer. Although they are not metal they are still very hard and solid. They have the same dimensions of the standard metal kubaton.

The polymer kubotans are usually much lighter than the metal ones, which makes them an easy everyday carry but could hinder their ability to deliver some techniques, like fist loading to give an example. They are still excellent for jabbing, stabbing and other types of techniques like locking and anchoring. They are good tools to use for self defense, however not the best choice if the sole purpose is self defense when compared to the metal ones.

They also come handy while traveling or while visiting places where you want to avoid the noise made by metal detectors.

If you decided to pick a plastic kubotan, then one thing to consider is that your kubotan needs to be grooved to minimize the possibility of slipping if your hands got sweaty. Quality is very important factor here to compensate the loss of weight.

In short, they are lightweight and solid tools, that are still good for self defense.

…. STAY SAFE …,,

Kubotan Keychain types and how to pick yours?

The Kubotan keychain also known as a  kubaton keyring is nothing but the modern version of the yawara stick. Since you will not leave home without your keys, having kubatons as keychains helps to improve the chances of having the weapon at disposable all the time. It also helps in naturally concealing the weapon and making it look more innocuous. Another advantage is that keys can be used in some self defense strikes, like scratching your attackers face while moving them like a nunchaku.

Kubotan self defense keychains can be  made of wood, steel or strong forms of plastic. The most effective and the most durable is the steel though. There are also a variety of forms for the kobotan. It can be standard flat ended, plunt or spike ended. There are also other famous versions like the hollow kubotans, kubotan knives (both are illegal in most cities) and flashlight kubotans  which also come in the form of a key chain or can be attached to one.

Here are the spike, plunt and flat ended respectively.

kubotan3 kubotan2 Kubotan
Spike ended Plunt ended Flat ended


The spiked is the most sold type as most people think it is better or more effective. This is probably not very true as it might limit your ability to deliver some types of techniques. Plus that it actually looks more dangerous and will bring more attention to it when most people will  think of it as a real weapon. This probably might be bad thing from the legal perspective.

So, when choosing your kubotan keychain make sure it’s heavy and sturdy enough. I would also recommend the flat ended over the pointed one’s. Finally there is your personal taste; don’t forget you will be carrying this keyring around so it needs to match your personal style. Above all DO NOT forget to check your state law in this regard.

Let’s touch on the most common ones briefly.

Spiked Kubotan:

spiked kubotan keychainThe spiked kubotan is a very common choice that people pick. In our opinion the spiked keychain is not the best option for real life self defense applications. Spikes limit your ability to perform certain techniques and locks. The second reason is that punching with the spikes is a good way to get yourself into legal trouble and doesn’t actually improve your chances of defending yourself in an attack. Moreover, it looks dangerous and offensive and might not be legally tolerated in different states.

Fury Kubotan weapon:

Fury Kubotan keychainThe fury kubotan (grooved kubaton) is another common choice that we would like to consider. It’s a lightweight, aluminum keychain  that has finger grooves to strengthen the grip over the weapon .  The fury key chain can be used to apply the same kubotan techniques to parts of an attacker’s body, causing non-lethal shock. The included key ring attachment allows you to keep your keys and self defense all together. The fury kubotan is very good choice, however again it’s pointed and this need to be considered from a legal perspective before buying one.

The following options are mostly considered illegal: Kubotan knife keyring, Hollow kubotan

The following are some examples for Kubaton keychains that are considered illegal in most states around the world. So before carrying a kubotan make sure to check that it is allowed to carry it.

kubotan knife keychain hollow kubotan throwing spikes kubotan keychain
Hollow Kubotan knives
Spikes Hollow Kubotans
Spikes Kubotan keychains


In some cases carrying a kubaton might not be an option. It could be legally regulated or it might not just match your personal style to carry it as a key chain. For similar situations there are some available alternatives that could more or less act the same function as the kubaton. Here are a couple of alternatives.

 Tactical/kubotan flashlight:

Tactical flashlights are originally flash lights made for law enforcement personnel to aid them in identifying an attack or for shooting in low light situations. It was originally designed to be weapon mounted. Now tactical flash lights are also available for civilians. The flash light can be used in multiple ways like illuminating a dark surrounding or momentarily disorienting an attacker by shining the strong bright light directly into his eyes and they can also be used as a kubaton since they are always made of solid strong materials.

tactical flashlight

Tactical/Kubotan pen:

Tactical pen is an everyday tool that is available  to anyone and can be taken everywhere. It looks and functions like a normal pen that,when necessary, can used for self defense, just like the kubaton is used. Tactical pens are made of very solid materials and are designed to deliver intense force on pressure points on the human body.

Tactical pens

There are some other not very famous alternatives for the kubotan keychains, but the beautiful thing about the kubotan is that is just a simple rod of metal. Learning how to use it for self defense offers great possibilities of improvised weapons.

Wooden Kubotan keychain

Wooden Kubotan - ZanozaWorkshopA wooden kubotan is a very interesting self defense weapon, they usually come in very elegant and sometimes customized shapes. They are not the most common sold in the market though. They are usually made of hard wood weather it’s machine turned (cheaper) or hand made (more expensive). For example the wood kubotan can be made of walnut wood, boxwood, dogwood as they are all hard enough and are not expected to break down. If you would be interested on having a wooden kubaton you can always make your own or you can look on some online shops which specialize in good quality types of wood kubotan keychains. As one to start with you can have a look at www.cooleysticks.com and ZanozaWorkshop.

Where to buy a Kubotan?

You can buy your kobutan online safely from  Amazon or eBay. There is a wide variety of choices. It’s also possible to buy locally from any self defense shop. Here are some  quick Amazon best Kubotans for sale:

[table id=1 /]


Further resources:

Extend your knowledge about how to use the kubotan for self defense and learn the basic techniques with few videos that can be applied in a street fight to defend yourself. We also have created a simple 5 step kubotan training plan for you to do at home.

For those who like a DIY style, here are some instructions for a homemade kubotan.