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Learn how to use Kubotan for self defense

Month: February 2016

Best Kubotan instructional DVD

Kubotans are great self defense weapons that can save your life in a violent situation. When kubatons are used properly, they are seriously effective as a force maximizer or equalizer against a stronger attacker.

Kubotans’ effective deployment requires some training to use them correctly in self defense situations. Kubotans can basicly be used for striking but there is a greater range of applications for the kubotan and yawara.

If you don’t have time to attend a class or if you want to have a reference while you improve your skills in using kubotans to defend yourself, you will need a companion DVD.

We have reviewed multiple DVDs to pick the best of them.  The challenge is that many of the available DVDs focus on a set of control techniques, that might work in against a simple attack but might not be very effective under the rush of adrenaline in an violent self defense situation or when your attacker is much stronger than you.

Therefore our recommendation for this purpose specially for beginners is Sammy franco’s Kubotan self-defense DVD, the reason for our choice is that the DVD offers clear and to the point instructions that can be employed in a variation of situations and mastered relatively in a short period of time.

The DVD works best if you have a partner to train with, but even if you don’t have you can still greatly benefit from this DVD as it demonstrates everything you need to know to get you started using your kubotan effectively.

Kubotan Self-Defense DVD simply teaches you all the basics you wanted to know about using the kubotan or yawara for self defense purposes. By following and practicing the instructions you will learn in this DVD you can give yourself an edge in violent situations against you.

Another great aspect of the DVD, is that is doesn’t require any martial arts knowledge or background to start with. It’s basically suitable for all levels, specially for those who have limited time  to learn and to practice this great skill.

In this kubotan DVD program, you will learn about:

  • Kubotan stances and postures
  • Kubotan hand grips
  • Kubotan wrist locks
  • Kubotan strikes
  • Kubotan concealment techniques
  • Kubotan control techniques
  • Kubotan fist loading techniques
  • Kubotans five applications
  • Kubotan target choices
  • Kubotan defenses
  • Kubotan retention skills
  • Kubotan assault escape techniques
  • Kubotan pressure point targets
  • Kubotan full contact demonstrations
  • Kubotan flow drills
  • Kubotan ground fighting and submission wrestling
  • Kubotan and body opponent bag (BOB) workouts
  • Kubotan “bullick” target training
  • Kubotan razing techniques
  • Kubotan anchoring techniques

The length of the DVD is about 70 minutes full of instructions. The production quality is also very good, so we highly recommend adding this DVD to your library if you are serious about improving your kubotan skills.

What could have been better?

We think that the DVD can benefit only beginners or people with no background in self defense or martial arts in general. It still lacks some of the advanced stuff that more advanced students can benefit from.

We also would have preferred cutting down the repetition of some basic instructions or techniques in the favor of providing more of the advanced stuff in the same amount of time.


Check reviews and Buy it here from AMAZON.


The cat keychain for self defense

The self defense cat keychain known also as cat knuckles is a personal protection tool designed basically for women. It is a perfect concealed self defense weapon that every woman needs to add to her everyday items.

The cat keychain helps you stay prepared.Featuring a cat design, with sharp ears. you simply put your fingers into the eyes, and the ears become spikes when clutched into the palm of your hands creating effective means of self defense against an attacker.

Cat Personal safety keychain

Cat Personal safety keychain

When holding this cat self defense keychain, your two fingers will be placed in the eyes of the cat and the face of the cat will rest securely in your palm and you simply will use it to impose severe pain or damage as you punch your attacker.

It’s usually made of hard plastic and the pointy ears have just enough material in them so that they won’t break off or flex out of position under pressure.

The cat keychains should just be used as an extra protection tool and not your sole tool in your arsenal, as they are great because they are lightweight and they are highly concealable. An assailant won’t know that you are carrying something that can harm them in multiple ways based on how effectively you can use it.

Some of the advantages of the wild kat self protection tool are:

  • It’s designed for concealed everyday carry, as it’s lightweight and is a cool keychain.
  • It’s hard and effective to impose pain or damage to an attacker based on what targets you aim for.
  • It’s handy and will always be available when you need it, specially in places like a parking or a garage when you walk to your car alone.
  • The kitty self defense keychain is a legal carry in most places and can be traveled with.
  • It’s also a cool gift for those you love and it’s very cheap mean’s of protection.

The video below demonstrates how brutal this tool can be if needed. Have a look at this cute self defense keychain that looks innocent, but packs a mean punch when it comes to your self defense.

Read the reviews of others on how this effective the cat personal safety keychain can be and buy yourself more peace of mind.

Finally some Precautions:

  • For some hands this keychain will be too small giving uncomfortable hold.
  • It’s still illegal in some states, so it’s important to confirm this for your state.
  • This weapon works in short range but don’t rely on it in dangerous situations specially where your attacker is armed or is having a long range weapon.


Self Protection tips every woman should know

The world can sometimes be a dangerous place. Specially as a woman facing the possibility of being the victim of a violent attack is frightening, but there’s no need to live a life full of fear. Probably you can’t control all situations, but you can make smart decisions by avoiding unnecessary risks, learning to trust your intuition and self defense.

In general, statistics show that there are several crimes that women are most at risk of. These are rape, carjacking, purse snatching, hijacking, and crimes against children in their protection. Whatever the type of crime, women need to realize that they don’t have to give up and surrender to it or endure it.

In this article, we will list 5 important tips a woman can use to ensure higher personal safety.

1. Wake up and maintain your awareness

You need to be observant of your surroundings, know where you are going specially in low light or in locations where there are no people around. Wake up. Turn off your iPod/iPhone if needed. Don’t jog with earphones in both ears, you need to stay aware of what is happening around you in the surroundings. Awareness is key is personal safety.

2. Trust your intuition

If your instincts tells you something is wrong about a situation or a person, please don’t ignore them. There is a reason that they tell you so. As were too much relying on our intellect, we often neglect what our intuition as a result. So, if you have a bad feeling, or feel uncomfortable for no apparent reason, be alert.

3. Be Mentally prepared

Mental preparation is the first step to actually accepting the possibility of a violent attack to happen to you. Being mentally prepared is a big part of surviving a violent attack as it will prevent panic. Always have a simple plan in your mind for what you might do in such situations, make sure it’s realistic, working and practice over and over again.

4. Be Physically prepared

If you plan on walking home alone or expect to be in some other similarly risky situation, wear clothing that will allow you full mobility. Don’t look like an easy unprepared target. Carry items that will help you end a bad situation. There are very simple items that you can carry with you and are truly invaluable in such situations, carry something and learn to use it instinctively.

5. Do not think Pain, think Disabling

If you were attacked by a predator, chances are that he or she will be under the effect of drugs or alcohol, in such situations the attacker will be able to take a ton of punches and hits without feeling any kind of pain. Don’t try to defend yourself by punching and pushing, attack your attacker instead. The main aim in such situations would be to cause injury or disability to your attacker to prevent him from going forward until you are safe. Learn to strike specific major targets based on the situation.

Finally it’s important to understand that “Survival” and “Fighting” can sometimes go together and sometimes are just direct opposites. Sometimes in order to survive you must fight and fight as hard as you can, other times fighting is the worst choice you can make and in fact can get you into more trouble. Sometimes avoidance and running away, if optional, are better methods of survival than fighting or confrontation.