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Month: March 2013

Kubotan & Yawara stick “A Guide for the First Timer”

The yawara stick  is a japanese weapon used in many martial arts. It’s basically a palm stick that was usually made out of wood. Kubotan is just the modernized version of the yawara stick.

Both Kubotans and Yawara sticks are close-quarter martial art weapons and we can trace their origins to medieval Japan. Kubotan is actually a derivative of the fabled Yawara stick (the most favored weapon of the Buddhist monks in Feudal Japan). The Kubotan is 5.5 inches long and has a diameter of 0.56 inches. Yawara has a design that is similar to the Buddhist religious object, Vajra. Unlike the Kubotan, the Yawara sticks are much thicker in construction. The unique design of this weapon enables it to jut out from either sides of the palms (while holding it).

 Yawara stick  kubotan stick
Yawara Kubotan

Kubatons come with keyrings while yawars don’t

While looking for Kubotan vs Yawara differences, you will find that Kubotan usually comes with a keyring. This enables in concealing the weapon in a very effective way. Besides, you must also never ignore the convenience offered by the weapon when it has a key ring. By all probabilities, you might have come across someone having this weapon and may have thought of it as a fancy key chain!

Kubotans and yawars use

The  application of both Kubotan and Yawara sticks is interesting. Targets for both are fleshy regions of the body while applying the weapon. When used effectively, both of the sticks can help in inflicting damages to the bones as well as the joints. It is also possible to use the sticks on pressure points. In other words, these self-defense weapons are highly effective for incapacitating any assailant within a matter of seconds for the skilled person.

Is it legal to carry a kubotan keychain or a yawara stick?

The experts often teach various so-called ‘compliance techniques’ for efficient usage of Kubotan and Yawara sticks. Law enforcement officials across the nation are already proficient in the proper application of these self-defense sticks. The rules about carrying the weapon vary across the globe. For instance, the UK authorities consider it unlawful to carry these weapons. Another aspect that people can find while searching for Kubotan vs Yawara differences is that it is very much possible to apply the defensive tactics even without the presence of these self-defense sticks. A law enforcement official can apply the same strategies to incapacitate an assailant using his or her flashlight. Likewise, a woman can tackle troublemakers by using her hairbrush as a weapon.

The History of Kubotan and Yawara Sticks

The history of Kubotan and Yawara stick is equally interesting. Kubotan focuses on restraining people without causing any kind of permanent injuries. We can find the first application of the same self-defense weapon by 1970s. Instrument of attitude adjustment – this was the phrase used to describe the efficiency of the Kubotan. The same weapon has undergone through various evolutionary phases, which included replacing the wooden stick with aluminum alloys because there are much lighter and easier to handle. As mentioned earlier, the Kubotan is a modification of the Yawara stick initially used by the Buddhist monks for self-defense purposes. The monks used to carry two Yawara sticks at the same time to improve the overall efficiency levels of the martial technique. By the 1940s, the law-enforcement officials began to apply the same sticks for subduing assailants. Yawara sticks are not lethal by itself; however, today you can come across various iterations of the same weapons that can cause permanent damages to different parts of the body. The Buddhist monks also practiced Yawarajitsu – a martial art that makes liberal use of these sticks.

The Efficiency of Kubotan and Yawara Sticks

Unlike the traditional self-defense weapons, the Kubotan and the Yawara are highly effective in locking the assailant tight preventing them from inflicting any more damage. Some Kubotan have spiked or pointed edges that can cause incredible pain within a few seconds of proper application. Those who have an interest in learning more about the proper use of these self-defense weapons must initially learn more about the critical ‘pain points’ in our body. Flailing is another kind of attack made possible due to the presence of the key ring on the Kubotan stick. Liberal application of these sticks on the tendons and ligaments can also infect vast amounts of pain.

Finally the yawra stick is an incredible little tool, that is also fun to learn. Browse the site for more information about applying both the yawara stick or the kubotan techniques in self defense situations.

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Self defense for Women: Learn how to use the Kubotan now

Self protection and self defense are a significant priority for women. Rape, assault, abuse, and domestic violence are the most common crimes that can happen to a woman. It is proven that most rape cases are perpetrated by men that are known to the woman in question. On the other hand, assailant attack women because they believe that women are more passive and cannot fight back. The best option for women to fight these crimes is by avoiding being alone in areas that they feel insecure or areas that are not well lit. However, finding oneself in such places is sometimes unavoidable. Therefore, finding a way of fighting back becomes the best option since self defense is a person’s principal.

There are several self defense products and weapons which women may use for self protection. However, in many cases, some of them tend to be heavy, others risky to use and others may be illegal in some states. A Kubotan is an exceptionally helpful self-defense-weapon for women. It is easy to carry and very efficient. Kubotan for women’s self defense, women’s personal protection is the best of all women’s’ self defense weapons.

The Kubotan

A Kubotan is a close-quarter-self-defense-weapon normally 5.5″ long and 0.56″ in diameter. It is thicker to some extent or equal size to that of a marker pen. The Kubotan is usually attached with a key ring for concealment and protection, to the untrained eye, this weapon appears innocent. The Kubotan is ideal to hide in the women’s purse or pocket and it is also easy to grip. An “ice pick” is the ideal grip which is very simple for the untrained woman to strike with. The Kubotan is flexible enough to help present benefit to women that are not armed in a self defense circumstances.

How women can use the Kubotan for self defense?

The Kubotan is most likely the most productive self-defense-weapon used by women for self protection in America today. This weapon is designed to fit-the-hand, with an inch plus half of its material protruding in all the ends. Women just need to know their grip to well, not to light to make the Kubotan fly-off their hand for the period of an attack and not to stiff to an extent that they may end up hurting themselves. They need to grip it in a way that it will be comfortable for them to use it.

They can choose a Kubotan with a round end, a sharp end, or a flat end, depending on the needs that they have.

Where to hit with the Kubotan?

Kubotan is intended to hit some specific body parts. These are the parts of the body that will hurt the most, enabling you to stop your attacker and get an opportunity to escape. These include:

Pectoral muscles
Areas around the eyes and the ayes itself
The bladder’s lower back
Beneath the armpit
All sides of the neck.

How Kubotan works?

Usually the Kubotan is attached to a Keyring that makes it to appear as a risk free “key fob”.
Kubotan for women’s self defense, women’s personal protection offers a sense of security to most women, because many self-defense-situations for women take place while holding-keys to open a parked car. The Kubotan can be used in a diversity of self-defense tactics which includes:

Hammer fist-Strike- This is a move of self-defense which involves holding of the Kubotan like an ice pick. Grasp Kubotan using your fist, and ensure that the Kubotan’s point end is facing downwards and that you are vertically holding your fist. A hammer fist-strike involves a-downward-force which enables the point of the-Kubotan to hit an assailant in the most sensitive areas that can disable them, and provides you with an opportunity to escape.

Flailing- Because several Kubotan’s are attached to key chains, a flair type weapon can also be used. With a hard grip on Kubotan’s end which is not attached to your-key chain, swipe-out-in-an-arc, focusing the keys as the major defensive-weapon.

Combination attacks- Kubotan can be used in many different kinds of combination attacks that can blend the moves of self-defense and martial arts with the use of the-Kubotan. For instance, you can use your arms to wrap an assailant’s neck at the back, and dig into the little of their back using a Kubotan.

Fist Hardening- Women can use the Kubotan in a grip to increase their punches power. Grasp the Kubotan in the middle of your fingers while making the usual fist that offers an extra weight to your-strikes.

Pressure-point-Attack- In a situation of self-defense, it is important to know your assailant’s pressure points. You will need to hold the Kubotan using your forward grip in most pressure-points-attacks. Select one or many pressure points, and stab using the tip of your Kubotan.

Is the Kubotan effective for women’s self defense?

The efficiency and effectiveness of the Kubotan in a situation of self defense for women will usually depend on several factors such as:

Surprise elements
Situational variables
The level of your Kubotan training
The methods that will be employed by your assailant

It is evident that the Kubotan will be much effective if used together with other measures of self defense, like carrying pepper spray or a stun gun. Also taking classes of self defense to improve one’s training.

What is a Kubotan and how to use it?

Watching the news or reading the news papers for few minutes a day is enough to realize the increasing crime rate in different regions around the world. Our personal protection is our own responsibility after all and we cannot always rely on the police who might not be available at the place or on the time that we need them.

Kubotan is one of my favorite self defense weapons, because it is easy to carry, learn and use under stress. Let’s see.

What is a kubotan?

kubotan stick It is named after the developer of kubotan, Takayuki Kubotan, and was meant for use mainly by the police officers. Its also known as kubaton, kobotan and kobutan.

A kubotan is a five to six inch long stick self defense weapon made of either steel, wood, strong plastic or other durable material. It is the modern version of the Yawara stick and very commonly used in martial arts and everyday law enforcement. It is very effective as a force amplifier and its use is only limited to your imagination, given its ease and simplicity. As it does not necessarily require you to be a martial student to understand how to use it, you can never go wrong hitting with a Kubotan.

What are the types of kubotan?

Kubotan1 kubotan2 kubotan3

Kubotans vary in form, there are the kubotan key chains, spikes ended kubotan, blunt ended standard kubotan and kubotan knives. Interestingly enough, there are kubotans that even carry ninja darts, pepper spray or carry mace in them. It is an effective aid to confrontation with its principal area of enforcing the attack when in self defense being: the flesh, bony areas and nerve targets like the groins, solar plexus, knuckles, eyes, nose bridge, spine, stomach, neck, forearms, temple, shins and ribs.

How to hold a Kubotan?

gripBefore understanding how to use it, it is important that you know how to hold it. Kubotan can be held in a forward grip; if planning to use it for stabbing or attacking pressure points, or in an ice grip, if planning to through hammer fist strikes. These are the basic applications of kubotan. These simple components are meant to enable you avoid getting frustrated and confused when struggling to remember particular strikes for particular targets. Simply remember to strike bony areas and stab or poke pressure points and nerve centers.


How to use a Kubotan?

Here is a demo of how the kubotan can be used in a self defense situation.

The strikes from kubotan are more effective at a close range; when the attacker is reaching out to push or grab you. A quick and snapping strike can be taken against the extending hand completely disabling it. The same punch can also be applied towards an in coming kick or punch. A small swerve away from the assailant attack may be needed then a quick, which does not necessarily need to be perfect, strike can be imposed on the attacker to disable him. The need for the blow not being perfect relies on the fact that the body nerves are close to the human body surface and especially in the bony regions; therefore, any glancing blow will inflict enough pain on the assailant.
The weapon rigidity enables you resist the assailant’s efforts strongly. In case you are already grabbed on to by an attacker, you can release yourself by poking or pressing the kubotan against attackers exposed region. In circumstances whereby you find yourself bear hugged, head locked or chocked, though your movements might be restricted, jamming the kubotans tip to whatever area you can reach in the assailants anatomy would still work.
The other method of releasing yourself from an attack is by snagging the attackers limbs ones they advance an attack on you. To be able to do this, you will have to hold the kubotan with some inches of it protruding, then hook it on the assailant’s part of the body and follow it with a strike.

In case you are pinned from behind, you may consider holding it like an ice-pick and stabbing it backwards into the attackers flesh.
The other simple method of defending your self using the kubotan, apart from poking and striking, is by either holding onto the keys and swinging the kubotan or holding on to the kubotan and driving the keys into the assailant’s face. When using kubotan, in self defense, it’s believed that you cannot make wrong movements, and because of its many ways to use it, there really is no correct way of holding it. Different strikes would require different ways of holding it which all depend on your preference and situation you find yourself in. Identify the most desirable targets which are always the collarbone, shin, kneecap, hip borne and ankle and strike.I will tell you ‘it’s one of the best and legally approve tools of self defense.